About Tariq Toffa

About Tariq Toffa

I am an architect, writer, and educator, and director of RE: think/design, a research, education and design consultancy based in Johannesburg.

I work between academia and professional practice in the field of architecture, which I have done for over 20 years, as well as in the governmental and non-governmental sectors in related fields. I also co-created and co-edited the multidisciplinary volume on design pedagogy, Standing Items: Critical Pedagogies in South African art, design & architecture (2020), the first such single multidisciplinary work on design pedagogy in South Africa.

Ultimately, my work is underpinned with principles of justice, compassion and collaboration. Practice, interdisciplinary work and teaching have all served to enrich for me a critical and humane discourse and approach to architecture, education and society.

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